Sometimes we may not be able to give you a cash offer because your house is in prestine condition and has been fully updated throughout . A cash offer may not make sense to you and us. With a nice home like yours we can either Lease your home with an option to buy; or purchase your home with owner financing were we make a monthly payment to you until we pay you off in full. It is nothing more than a delayed cash sale. With a Lease purchase, the deed to the property does not transfer to the buyer until the end date that we agree upon. However , we will agree upon a price today, and we take over all responsibilities with a definitive date of purchase. A few good things about how we buy is that we pay full price, we pay all the closing costs, we buy the house “as is” which means no inspector is going to come and out and pick your house apart , we take full responsibilities for all repairs (during the lease period), we close with an attorney when you are ready and we pay the fee, and you pay no sales commission since we are not realtors. You will actually make more money than any other way you sell, because there is no commission and we usually pay the closing costs.

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Selling a house on a Lease Purchase  in New Jersey -  Call 856 552 0437
Selling a House on a Lease Purchase
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